• http://www.planetc1.com/ Michael Dorausch

    You lost me Matt. Is there an advantage to having these accounts connected?

  • Matt McGee

    Well, social results that appear in Google’s SERPs, for starters. But I’m not sure if that only happens with connected accounts, or if it also includes the custom links.

  • http://www.stareclips.com/?twitter Bob Bigellow

    I’m pretty sure that the officially “connected” accounts means a number of things.

    When you add a custom link on your profile, Google may not officially scan your connections through these links. So, items your friends share might not appear in your search results. So, by officially “connecting” the accounts, there will be more data integration where you can see social information (that will be unique to your login) in your search results.

    Also, you can technically connect your accounts *without* actually sharing this linkage publicly. This gives you more control. Whereas the custom links can only be public.