• Mudit

    Hi Nathan,

    You surely presented a very insightful and broader picture of a simple “the year’s 10 fastest-rising queries” list published by google in US in 2011.

    Now, I have some doubts and possible corrections for the same article.Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong anywhere.

    Now the google’s list is a representation of the fastest growing searches in 2011 in US and is not ranked on the basis of their search volume.I completely agree with the fact mentioned. But,the doubt which is in my mind is regarding the google/trend’s graph which compares the search trends of google+(without space) and google +(with space).

    In the first relative trends report the SVI of google+(without space) is fixed as 1 and the SVI of google +(with space) is 0.40,indicative of the fact that the searches of google +(with space) is 0.40 times the seaches of google+(without space) or [google +(with space) is 40% google+(without space) searches].

    I will quote the statement which is presented in the article for the same graph –

    “Notice that searches for ‘Google+’ (without a space) are a ‘1.00’ on Google’s search volume index, while searches for ‘Google +’ (with a space) are a ‘.40’. This suggests searches for ‘Google+’ are approximately 40 percent that of ‘Google +’, which means a significant portion of users are looking for Google’s social network with searches for ‘Google +’.”

    Now another following paragraph with the heading- “Google + Invisible For ‘Google +’” interprets the same graph as quoted below:

    “As we pointed out previously, according to Google Trends, ‘Google +’ has 40 percent of the searches of ‘Google+’ — a non–trivial percentage of searchers who are looking for Google’s social network with the query ‘Google +’”

    The above interpretation is obviously the correct version and there are ambiguities in the 2 interpretations for the same graph!!

    No disrespect Nathan,but I just wanted to bring this in your and my fellow readers notice.Again,please correct me If am on a whole different page on this.

    A man is a man only till the time he keeps learning and that is my sole endeavor.