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    This article buzzed my imagination for ideas. Thank you

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    i have to say just is that this article is nice and have some new thing that i have to read.

  • http://www.facebook.com/liz.rodrigo Liz Rodriguez

    Thank you for inspiring, great read!

  • http://twitter.com/cryptblade cryptblade

    Fun article and critical thinking is great. Now let me get more critical with your analogy.

    Compstat had great intentions and worked initially. But with all things, eventually, an equilibrium is reached up on the initial shock factor that made CompStat initially effective.

    And there’s a wonderful terminology introduced to the commoner lexicon: “juking the stats”

    Well publicized by David Simon of The Wire, his stories reported on the growing common practice of fudging the stats to create the illusion of crime reduction. Rape becomes “aggravated assault” or something lesser.


    Most recently, the jobs reports that the Obama crew likes to spew are wildly distorted with all kinds of misdirection statistics to make things appear better, causing murmurings of more gov’t juking of the stats.

    Now – if I was a smart enough and devious enough SEO, I could use Conductor data and a whole bunch of other data to create something very fanciful to prove my point. But it doesn’t mean the truth is in what I say.