• http://www.planetc1.com/ Michael Dorausch

    I love how you broke this all down and explained it. I think the best part is the calling of your brother Steve, a real world expert in that area. It’s so much nicer to read/hear real-world experience versus the type of ad copy typically seen on product pages.

  • Winooski

    Great writeup, Rob, your patented blend of anecdotal humor, great detail, and exhortations to follow suit. I want to try your experiment as well…

  • http://www.adventuresinsearch.com Elisabeth Osmeloski

    I really hope everyone reading this can hear Rob’s southern Mississippi accent in their heads as they go through it – maybe I’ll have to make Rob post a video column for the full effect, particularly those who haven’t seen him speak before!

  • http://www.Fonts4Teachers.com DonwHill Publishing

    Great article Rob!
    I decided to put in to practice your idea. Our 10 Minute Teacher’s Planner ranked in 3rd page of Google for the words “Teacher’s Planner” (Only 1900 searches monthly). We only had 39 visitors from Google organic since October. So what harm can the change do? We ended up optimising for Lesson Plan Template (65K searches monthly): meta tags, url, program description, head title.. and I will link internally and externally from two well ranked blogs and another website. Let’s hope for the better…

    I will post here the results in 30 days!