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    To go a little off topic:

    Saying that Latvia was “absorbed into the Soviet Union” is whitewashing history.

    It was flat out occupation, no different to the Nazis that came before.

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    F42 – I’m sure you’re right, I didn’t want to let the politics of the situation distract from the main marketing point :)

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    search both paid and organic in languages other than your own – or of people in your company – is difficult. We may be able to create the content in appropriate and understandable language but how the different people interact with it is where it gets difficult.

    When doing conferences outside of the US – I use a story of learning a sentence in Spanish on a train ride in Mexico to use with the taxi that would take me to my hotel – thinking if I said it in the local language I would be less likely to get taken advantage of – what I did not learn was what would be said back to me and so still had to hold out my hand full of bills and let the driver take what he wanted…

    As you detail well – when advertising in other languages there is far more to it than just translating the words.

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  • F42

    Thanks for the reply, Andy! It’s perfectly fine to want to avoid politics, especially on a great post about local SEO like this.

    Though, this isn’t about politics but history and being politically correct.

    What struck me is the differentiation that arose between when you said “Nazi occupation”, compared to the lightly worded, “absorbed into the Soviet Union”.

    I’d just like to make it clear that according to “the European Court of Human Rights, the Government of Latvia, the United States Department of State, and the European Union”, the Soviet presence until 1991 was a military occupation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_occupation_of_Latvia_in_1940#Conflicting_versions_of_history (2nd paragraph)

    There are those that disagree (e.g. the Kremlin), and if anything, that is what’s done for political reasons.

    Otherwise, it’s clear-cut history and international law.