• Jon Tonti

    Local-mobile search and mobile sites are a crazy big opportunity for brand managers responsible for increasing sales through channel partners. To be honest I am not sure if brand managers or channel marketing managers tasked with distributed marketing are being made fully aware of the revenue growth they can achieve for their channel partners by setting them up proper mobile sites and optimizing those site for local-mobile search. We at SproutLoud are doing this now for brands and their channel partner networks, long story short, the ROI is definitely there.

    Let’s hear from some brand managers who have set up mobile sites, optimized local-mobile sites for their partners, and maybe are even using ppc directed at mobile sites. What kinds of ROI are you guys seeing or not seeing?

    Neg definitely makes a good point about after the technology is in place, you have to test and strong calls to action and give incentive for immediate purchase.

  • kleinerbär

    I also think that local search is extremely important for every business. Earlier there were only local business directories such as http://www.yellowpages.com or http://www.showmelocal.com, now there are plenty of different techniques to reach more people in your area. I believe that by the end of next year most of the marketing managers will be aware of the chances offered by local-mobile search.