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    Interesting article…and even though the largest % of SMB’s were only listed under one category in your findings, it would be even more interesting to find out all of the various ways each of those businesses make money. For example, after working closely with SMB’s for 25 years, rarely do you find that \A Plumber is a Plumber is a Plumber\. If you take the time to ask the right questions and really attempt to understand their business, most SMB’s have more than one focus area for their business, as is the case in the example you use with L& G Drain Cleaning (although one of the reasons they are listed in five categories with SuperPages.com is because that is their standard number of listings they make available for all of their advertisers). However, with the various sales organizations across the US (specifically companies who sell SEM or IYP to SMB’s), many sales reps don’t take the time to really uncover, identify, and establish all of the various aspects of person’s business to make sure that they are represented properly under all of the possible headings/categories where they make money…and unfortunately many SMB’s don’t take the time either. So, many end up being represented under only one category or setting up only one ad group with one set of keywords and not giving themselves the opportunity to attract potential customers for all of the various ways they make money. It makes you wonder if this may have anything to with the high churn rates that many companies are dealing with who sell IYP and SEM (or the SMB’s who self-provision).