• http://www.seo-web-consulting.com Valerie DiCarlo

    GREAT article Aaron, thank you for your insights! I have also experimented / tested and had success with the placement and postioning of paid ads on the SERPs page – to achieve a higher ORGANIC listing click thru…

    For example, with keyword phrases that have an organic ranking on, let’s say, 5-10, I strategically list the paid ad close to the organic listing and have noticed that the organic listing inevitably gets a higher click thru rate.

    Users see the two listings (organic and paid), perhaps maybe assess brand authority / trust / reputation because of the two listings and then seem to click on the organic listing.

    I have noticed that the numbers are higher when the organic listings and ads are positioned further down the SERPs (i.e. 5-10)… but have seen decent results on 11-13 as well.

    At some point, I plan to put all my findings together in a report – but who has the time?!? :) If this is something you have tested as well, I’d love to hear about your results!

    Thanks again for your article,

    Valerie DiCarlo

  • http://www.emadv.com Shannon Smith

    Excellent article. We manage both TV and Online media for our DR clients. As consumer response to commercials increasingly moves online (vs. a call center) we have started to really look at this as one media campaign rather than TV vs. Online. We have been experimenting with attribution modeling by testing PPC keywords from the features and benefits mentioned in the commercial that will drive response. Rather than just focusing on the product or brand name that may have limited search volume. Generic category keywords that have high volume but are very competitive with high CPCs (Education, Insurance, etc) don’t provide the ROI we need. By focusing on the benefits and features that the product delivers to the consumer we are effectively finding our SEO keywords. Your article is a great roadmap for how we can link the TV commercial to SEM to SEO.

    Thank you,
    Shannon Smith

  • http://www.seoskeptic.com/ Aaron Bradley

    Valerie – I’ve heard about this paid search carry-over conversion effect before, but I don’t think I’ve seen supporting data until now – thanks! I think you’re right about the dual listings probably positively impacting how the user views the organic listing. Have you observed a decline in PPC CTRs when those ads were adjacent to organic listings, especially compared to SERPs where an organic listing was altogether absent (c’mon, do your report – it’s just a little more work than answering the question:)?

    Shannon – Fascinating stuff, thanks for your comment. I love the PPC experiment you’re undertaking with the benefits/features keywords: have you also noticed any relationship between on-air benefits/features keywords and their occurrence in referred search traffic (even in compound query terms, like “acme light bulb lasts longer”)? A campaign that could successfully coordinate TV, online advertising, SEO and the advertiser’s web presence to work together would be killer: good luck with your efforts.

  • http://webliquidgroup Paul Burani

    Amen Aaron! It’s amazing how frequently these channels are still being siloed. In 2009, we wrote on this topic as well, taking an ROI-centric position like Shannon alluded to in the comment above. This strategic application of data will blaze a quicker path to ROI; we even put out an instructional video on this:


  • http://www.seo-web-consulting.com Valerie DiCarlo

    Hey Aaron,

    >>Have you observed a decline in PPC CTRs when those ads were adjacent to organic listings, especially compared to SERPs where an organic listing was altogether absent?

    Actually, yes, the PPC CTRs were lower when ads was positioned adjacent to organic listings – compared to SERPs where there were no organic listings… Ironically, however, the test campaign was originally set up to see if we could lower the overall PPC spend and we succeeded. :)

    Love this conversation! Wish more folks had added their comments!! :)
    Valerie DiCarlo