• der parallax

    Very curious, the silence thus far on this important piece of tech whistle blowing that several of you all have been sitting on for so long.

    Are we all so deeply in bed with big G that we can’t talk real about such a huge issue that – seemingly – Google cannot or will not address?

    Are the SERPS growing so un-important to their business model? I don’t think so. It’s still the reason millions of ours and theirs customers google every day of their lives.

    What’s up searcherati? Speak.


  • http://searchengineland.com Danny Sullivan

    Thom, my “part” in all this wasn’t really that silent. It’s been very public that search engines have had issues with redirections or duplicates “hijacking” listings. No one has really been sitting on this at all. We’ve had open forums on this for well over a year, tons of articles and more. What’s new in what Dan described, even to me, was mainly that you’ve got proxies that are even harder to combat by using DNS lookups to verify spiders.

  • GadgetsGuy

    I received an IM from a friend tonight who was quite distraught about a website he had received a link to


    I had glanced over something Site Pro News had sent me a couple days ago about this, but did not pay it alot of attention.

    Tonight I decided to see what my friend was fussing about, and I am astounded to say the least that Google has let something like this go on for so long!

    How serious of a threat is this stuff, and is it something we need to secure our sites against? What about blogs with content updated several times a day?

    I own hundreds of domains, so if this crap is real, then it looks like my summer vacation is going to be cut really short.

    Different sites have many different takes on just how much of a problem this really is, so I am looking for the most common denominator from as many SEO sites as I can find.