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    Great post and so very true! I use a combination of Google alerts and a free product called StepRep:

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    I’d suggest you add Scout Labs to your list of social media monitoring vendors – they are very well priced and have an excellent tool. The new quotes functionality is very good for B2B companies

  • JChaney

    I’d also recommend checking out Biz360. After much research with all the companies you mention (and even a few more), we decided their combo of social media and trad. media monitoring best worked for us. Also, two of the companies you mentioned made totally unrealistic claims in their sales pitches — which really hurt their credibility.

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    Great post… Social media is relevant to B2B now more than ever. Today social media is highly user friendly technology which helps users to become searching for anything on the internet more relevant.

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    Hey Shellie, nicely stated. Social Media Monitoring systems certainly can deliver more data to help improve SEO & PPC. The choice of which SMM tool to use depends on individual business requirements not a lot unlike the determination of which SEO or PPC tools to use. There are over 100 SMM tool choices on the market today (some fee based, some free).

  • Julie Joyce

    I think this is a very actionable post, and it gave me a lot of great ideas to use in campaigns that aren’t strictly B2B. Well done.

  • http://blog.moreover.com/ zakig

    Another tool I’d recommend is the Moreover UGC Metabase, as social media becomes ever more influential it’s important for B2B to look at both traditional news media online and the new wave of user-generated info.

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    This is a great post with helpful information! Social media monitoring is an excellent tool for businesses to use on many levels. There are a lot of services out there, and even getting started with a free service, such as Google Alerts or Blvd Avenue, will give companies a good foundation to better understand their customers.

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    Hello Shellie,
    Great recap of why all businesses should be looking at social media nowadays. Some other great uses of social media we’ve found are for competitive intelligence, cost-effective PR (consider launching a product on social media – it’s virtually cost free), and customer support.
    You’ve noted many tools available to help media start listening; but when everybody is a critic online nowadays; managing the information and turning it into actionable insight for your company is what’s tricky.
    Free services like those you’ve mentioned are a good option for t the cost-effective listening route; but to effectively manage and then engage without compromising your reputation, people should be looking to business applications designed to harness this information into a CRM-like system in order to share with team members. dna13 (www.dna13.com) is such a service to consider.

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