• http://codecondo.com/ Alex

    I can smell the freshness and quality of my links.

  • http://wtff.com/ 011101110111010001100

    “The importance of link quality in SEO cannot be overstated”

    Sorry, but after such statements article can’t be taken seriously.

    It not only can be overstated, but it definitely is overstated. My personal experience during many years proves this. Not to mention thousands of well known projects grew up paying almost no attention to the links.

  • http://pageonepower.com/ Jon Ball

    If you’re concerned about SEO, suffice it to say that links should be on your radar.

    I would encourage you to read this: http://sugarrae.com/rants-in-bitchland/google-propaganda-marketers-wake-up/

    Rae Hoffman wrote in more depth than I care to in this comment.

  • http://pageonepower.com/ Jon Ball

    SEOs should be able to quickly look at a link and judge quality/authenticity. I like to shorten that down to smell test – I find most people intrinsically understand the concept.

  • mcbeach2

    Link building is no more about anchor text optimisation. It’s all about authority.

  • http://lathesis.com/ Lathesis

    ‘SEO is in some ways an art as much as it is a science.’ Agree with you Jon Ball
    The quality of ‘Smell Test’ impressive & of course it’s very important to listen your instinct
    Impressive Article thanks for sharing with Us !!

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    Nice piece Jon

  • http://pageonepower.com/ Jon Ball

    Hey Lathesis, glad you enjoyed the article and found it useful.

  • http://pageonepower.com/ Jon Ball

    Thanks for the kind words!

  • Thomas

    I think you and Eric Ward need to chat… he just said link building is dead lol. Can you smell the irony SEL fans!

  • http://pageonepower.com/ Jon Ball

    It was pretty clear in the article that Eric Ward doesn’t actually believe that. Just addressing the-sky-is-falling links-are-dead crowd.

  • http://lathesis.com/ Lathesis

    Pleasure is all Lathesis Jon Ball
    Thanks once again for sharing wonderful article !!

  • JC Anthony

    Great article and lots of useful information, I do all these things and I can say without a doubt that you are correct! Not everyone places as much emphasis on SEO as they should if they would just take the time to read things like this and implement them they would be better off. Again Thank You for the fine article!