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    I thin that the search engines has been (or has had the ability of) bright & blacklisting websites for a while obviously in reaction to black hat SEO but probably for other factors too. I described Google’s 2006 certain in a statement on SEW i.e.

    System and means for assisting magazine viewpoint in the position of look for results US Patent 7096214 registered 11 decades ago that contains the following: For each web page/site determined as preferred and non-favored, the authors may figure out an magazine viewpoint parameter for that site… This would allow the host to modify the ranking of a particular website up or down ‘depending upon whether the website is favored or non-favored

    As for the prevent websites choice. I actually like it in concept. I often come across websites that I know are ineffective but keep happening in certain looks. To me, they are just disturbance that I’ve sometimes eliminated using particular (not) labels. This is a better way as I never danger dropping products that could be useful with the tag. Like this site http://odesktests.weebly.com/

    Maybe a better strategy though would be to do something like the Appeared websites – and put them at the end of the first web page of your look for with a concept saying “Blocked websites for xxx” (but actually taking out them from the outcomes apart from this. That way 3 several weeks later when you have overlooked that you clogged them, they can be easily unblocked. Thanks for sharing me..

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