• http://www.noggindigital.com/ Zach Kasperski

    Very thorough post, Julie! You start by making a great point to remember how hard it is to sustain content creation and link building for SEO – these things aren’t something you just casually work into your schedule. As a professional SEO myself, I think it’s best to understand, especially for new sites or SMB sites, that it’s going to take more than a boat load of helpful blog posts to get people to link to your site. You need to drive links in better ways.

    You suggest a couple of great ways for these SMBs to drive links to their sites. Some of my favorites include getting yourself into the directories that matter most, which are major search engines, major review sites, and directories that relate directly to your industry. To continue your proactive thinking:

    Creating content for SEO isn’t just about white papers, case studies, and infographics; it’s about giving online presentations, developing webinars, writing ebooks, how-to guides, and manuals. It’s shooting video and interacting with communities – kinda like how I’m posting on this blog and trying to add value to the conversation.

    I hope this helps bring some more depth to the idea of creating content, as well as a valid opinion. Cheers!

  • Amod Oke

    Totally disagree on the links part. You cannot, CANNOT just “hope” people will link back if you have great content. And even if they do, 10-15 links are never going to send you any traffic, if at all.

    You need links, loads of it, no matter what the evil matt the cut says. Google only wants SEO’s to spend more and more on adwords, and they’ll do anything to do that.

    We are all controlled by evil corporations now. Everyone’s a public company, and to sustain, they need da money, and it can only come by killing the small guy.

  • http://twitter.com/RobinBuxton Robin Buxton

    Julie. What a great roadmap. It’s not everything, but it would certainly help.

  • http://about.me/mohammedalami Meding44

    Nice that you posted a great post without citing Keyword “velocity” one time ;)

  • Kristen Hicks

    Great article! For most businesses to produce the amount of good, well-researched content needed – not to mention the work of researching, identifying target blogs and pitching guest posts (ones that will bring value, anyways) – it would be important to bring in some extra writing help.

    Although, maybe Link Fish takes care of that part for them.

  • http://twitter.com/JulieJoyce JulieJoyce

    For a lot of niches, I’d agree with you, but I’ve seen some amazing small local campaigns that can take off from just a few good links.

  • http://twitter.com/JulieJoyce JulieJoyce

    Next time!

  • Global Professionals

    I am completely agree with you but you have done a good job Joyce. I know its a tough job but initially your have explained it perfectly.

  • http://twitter.com/EGAFutura Juan Manuel Garrido

    I fully agree with this: “And even if they do, 10-15 links are never going to send you any traffic, if at all.”

  • or zilberman

    Totally agree with you, you need to diversify not only your link building strategy but the user engagement with the content also.

    only like that will you be able to get the full extent out of your content

  • http://twitter.com/khalil5172 Khalilur Rahman

    Awosome post, really very tough to create a seo friendly. Your tips will help me.

  • http://twitter.com/GarSpecialties Garrett Specialties

    I also agree with that you can not hope people will link to you. I have had online presence since 1991. The link process has been grueling. I have also done the ad words which is Google’s money maker. Been there done that.


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Genda-Dunmatta/100000524114398 Genda Dunmatta

    “If you have 5,000 awful links from spammy free sites, just get them all removed as quickly as possible.” Yeah, right. Good luck with that. Removing links is impossible today.

  • http://twitter.com/JulieJoyce JulieJoyce

    It does seem to be a nightmare…a friend has spent 6 months removing just a few hundred bad ones. I guess it’s either get them taken down or start over, if you’ve been deindexed.

  • Christy Kunjumon

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