• http://www.alancharlesworth.eu AlanCh

    Excellent article Tom – though I think you have under-sold it in the title. Whilst your recommendations will, indeed, create an SEO-friendly culture I would suggest you will create an ONLINE-friendly culture.

    I have railed for years that someone should ‘own’ an organization’s web presence – why didn’t I think of a ‘Web Czar’? I will be calling it that in future – with due reference to you, of course – particularly if I do so in print.

  • http://www.alancharlesworth.eu AlanCh

    Hah … forgot to say in my pervious comment.

    The ‘web Czar’ should not be from IT – and my interpretation of your article is that your would agree with me? Sadly, I [still] come across organizations where IT have ultimate control over what is in effect, an element of the organization’s marketing & sales communication strategy.

  • http://www.agenciamacan.com.br A.M.

    This is a great strategy!
    I really liked, gave some insights!
    In Brazil, the biggest problem is people take this attitude, because many of them settle over time and diminish the “volume” of pots, stock …
    Already posted on twitter!

  • http://IntellexiProductions.com/ Joe Moya

    Great tips indeed, and a structured plan to follow.

  • http://www.workbox.com Eric

    I really enjoyed your article – covers a lo with enough specificity to be useful to real world marketers. Kudos!
    A web czar might also consider sharing data and results across departments. If SEO efforts can be represented by simple charts that reveal it having a positive effect on PPC results (lowering costs/improving quality score) or lead gen (tracked through Salesforce or other), that can get the team excited. Also, if the web czar can show negative results when SEO work slacks off, that can wake people up!
    Yours, Eric

  • rajeev ranjan

    Thank you for the important information you have shared here.