• dvansant

    Good advice on building landing pages that convert, but how sure are you that this impacts quality score?

    I’ve read elsewhere that for quality score, Google takes a binary approach to landing pages. In other words, the landing page is a real problem and your QS gets wacked or it’s fine and has no QS impact. Also, I know CTR is a big component of QS, but does Google use conversion rates in calculating the QS?

    All the steps you recommend are great for their conversion rate benefit alone.

  • http://www.cpcsearch.com Terry Whalen

    Agreed that the recommendations are good ones. But to be sure, quality score is not really impacted by landing pages. Google does take a more binary approach here – if the LP is more of an affiliate \jump page\ or there is a problem with load times or anything related to bait-and-switch messaging, then the LP can negatively affect QS in a big way. And no, Google does not use conversion rates in calculating QS – there are too many scenarios where this would not provide \apples-to-apples\ data.

  • http://www.marksmarketingblog.com Mark Johnson

    Great post. I think a lot of people neglect the testing aspect. You really need to be able to see the small differences each change makes though, that way you can get a feel for what works best for your site, which will help you come up with new improvements.

    Ps, Google cannot actually know your conversion rate. The conversion rate your analytics tells you, is only based on criteria you set. If Google were to take that into account, it would be far too easy to manipulate the data. Google may be able to track your bounce rate though…

  • http://www.facebook.com/semanticflow Mousumi Mahanti

    You can check out some samples of highly converting landing pages here :