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    Awesome points. Very detailed and informative as always Myles. Off to share this…

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    Such an informative article..thanks so much for sharing. These are some great tips for local SEO. I am going to try out a few of the tools you mentioned. Thanks again!

  • http://twitter.com/EricRohrback Eric Rohrback

    Myles could you clear up what you mean by “phone call tracking”? How would you recommend tracking phone calls for local, since it would be unwise to use a tracking number (for local at least). Is there a better work-around to find out how many phone calls you have directly contributed through local? The best advice I’ve heard is to survey customers when they call, and ask how they heard about you. The downside is that many people don’t differentiate between Google Organic, Google+Local, or really any search engine too well… they just end up saying “I found you on Google.”

    Phone calls/lead tracking has always proven to be a bit of a problem, and I’d appreciate any insight you have on this topic.

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    I love articles like this–actionable advice, and a full utility belt
    of excellent tools. Thank you! My local clients thank you, too.

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    Nice post Myles! Thanks for sharing! I will definitely use these steps on my Local SEO work.

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    Very informative!

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    You have set up a more formalized approach to an entire research project in one post. Amazing! I know how many of us struggle with what tools to use, how to present it in a simple actionable format. You laid it out in one post! Thank you! A lot of this work and analysis goes on in our minds, but to lay it out is difficult.

  • http://twitter.com/DanielCBerman Daniel C Berman

    Any ideas about what to do when geo-locators reduce search volumes below what Google wants to report for every single keyword term you have?

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    excellent post.can you please suggest me good sites for citations.One more thing is that i cant understand the concept of anti-rankings vibe in the SEO.There is any SEO Tool?