• http://twitter.com/AlesiaKrush Alesia Krush

    >If your content is adaptive or your site is responsive then knowing
    mobile-specific keywords isn’t going to help you that much, as your
    content needs to be reusable and device-agnostic.>

    Excellent point! Yet another reason to go the separate mobile site way (well, for some businesses).

  • Hemanth Malli

    Good research work!! Very interesting and in depth explanation on mobile keywords. With this i got an idea on how to choose mobile keywords for my site. Thank you.

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    Mobile SEO is indeed as important as regular SEO. The selection of keywords may vary for the mobile users as they are usually on a go, just think from their perspective and use effective tools to identify those keywords.

  • Dhanraj Chakraborty

    I am Content writer and i write content which is very acceptable with SEO. Your nicely explained point will really help me in writing future projects