• http://www.directresponse.net Dave

    Great article Ross.
    How have you found is a great way to establish that link connection?
    For example, I am currently in the process of coming up with a link building campaign for a company I work for. One strategy I would like to use is the reciprocal psychology technique.
    Basically we contact them about doing an article on our blog completely out of generosity. Through our interview, this well known web site will then learn a lot about OUR company as well.
    The generosity of the well written article will entice this site to either link to the blog post, or return the free favor with a post of their own about our company.

  • http://www.dandycustard.com Daniel Deceuster

    With regards to finding music on a site, the word “playlist” or “favorite song” is likely to be on the page, that would be a good place to start. Another really great one is to get the bloggers who readily list their favorite website. “My favorite sites” or “my favorite blogs” are excellent searches to find those who put these lists on their site.

  • http://twitter.com/rosshudgens Ross Hudgens

    @Dave – each website is different depending on the keyword/content offering – this is really just to find the sites most willing to accept your content offering. I wouldn’t suggest the reciprocal method as it generally tends to not pass value (or so it seems). But building relationships is always good and will reap dividends.

    @Daniel – I like “My favorite sites” and “My favorite blogs”. Searching specifically for “playlist” or “favorite song” would unfortunately probably give a lot of travel songs because Google is trying to find that content relevancy in the text and it’s too broad.

  • http://www.seoinphiladelphia.com/ Bill Rowland


    I appreciated your approach as far as the “mindset” of those that still have these use this type of terminology on their sites.

    One additional method to grab the attention of webmasters with dated and mostly abandoned sites may be to purchase the site for a modest sum if it makes sense.

  • euan

    Really liked this article – over the years I’ve collected various search operators; the ones to find aged sites using \hit counter\ KEYWORD is a real stroke of genius!

  • http://www.clicksinternetmarketing.com C.I.M.

    haha, good stuff — thanks! :-)

    i get the feeling that these somewhat outdated sites aren’t well maintained — how many does one have to go through to get a webmaster that’s still alive?

  • http://twitter.com/GWInvestor George Whittaker

    Good stuff, especially for a newbie like me!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nrg-Movers/100002570794570 Nrg Movers

    nice one

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nrg-Movers/100002570794570 Nrg Movers

    nice one