• D.C.

    I love the assumption that all our regions are using Google analytics, or even are all on the same analytics platform – very far from the truth for us, and many other large multinationals.

    Bar that, some useful tips!

  • http://uk.queryclick.com/ Chris Liversidge

    Hi D.C. – It’s a fair comment!

    I’ve found that when the business is revamping its analytics (which is the point we usually get involved) there’s often a soft benchmarking process where a common, free, platform is used to tag across all regions in advance of building a fuller business plan to demonstrate the value of a single, sophisticated tagging solution to generate business insights.

    I had to choose a single platform to get across the basic points, and plumped for Google Analytics as common and useful for webmasters without some of the more extensive packages so the insights would be transferrable.

    I’m planning on digging into different packages in future articles, so if you have a platfom you’d like me to cover in particular, let me know!