• http://www.sebastienpage.com Sebastien

    Good article. Do you also recommend to create 2 campaigns for each campaign (if that makes sense). One campaign for the search network, and one campaign for the content network. Both campaign would have the same keywords and ad groups.

    What do you think?

  • http://www.vinivi.com Julien G

    Very interesting scheme. But if I understand, every changes on the 6 components leads to a better QS, and the QS leads to a better Ad Rank.

    Well, great, but, is the Ad Rank the priority factor of a well performed campaign ?
    I’ve read somewhere, from a Google insider, that the Ad Rank didn’t influence as much as we think on performance.

    Finally, I agree about the testing and testing, and testing part. Beyond the analysis interest, is the constant changing of content in a Campaign is interesting from both the search engine and historical performance perspectives ?

  • http://www.losasso.com/idrive Maggie@losasso

    I agree with your description about the relationship between advertiser, keyword, ad copy and the landing page/ post click experience. In our experience, the more we optimize our campaigns to improve quality score, the better our campaigns perform overall.

    There is nothing more crippling to an account than low quality scores. It raises costs and lowers page views.

  • http://www.esearchvision.com Benny Blum

    @Sebastian – Absolutely. I am a firm believer in always separating search and content in order to maintain the fidelity of campaign level data. Search and content tend to perform at such different KPIs (CTR, CPC, Conv Rate) that if you have them in the same campaign then you lose the high-level view on the dashboard.

    @Julien – There are many studies that have shown a strong relationship between Ad Rank and CTR, but don’t just believe my research – perform a rank based analysis on your data and see for yourself. My logic is that assuming you will get more clicks for less money with a higher QS, then why not optimize for it? I understand that clicks aren’t necessarily the basis for success, but the more qualified clicks you can get, the more conversions you get as well.