• http://www.techcrunch.com Michael Arrington

    brilliant. subtle genius in post format.

  • Andrew Duszczyszyn

    now if i can only get my hands on a yacht….

  • http://www.toddmalicoat.com Todd Malicoat

    note to Rich – spend more money on the “cone of silence” project.
    a remix of ‘i’m on a boat’
    should put a positive spin on the story.

    Is this posted in an image so it doesn’t get indexed?

    all i can say is wow….”the adsense”

  • http://www.lorisguignard.com Loris Guignard

    Why the whole post is an uncrawlable image on a SEO website is something I cannot understand (and we’re not april 1st yet on the publication date)

  • http://www.about.me/paulsullivan Paul Sullivan

    These instructions notwithstanding, I was planning to crowdsource purchase Tiger Woods’ yacht which is for sale for $25 Million using Kickstarter.

    At the dollar level, you’ll get a pirated digital photo of the boat scraped from the TMZ site. At the five dollar level, you’ll get an mp3 file of the sound of the waves lapping the hull of the boat. And at the hundred dollar level, you’ll get an invitation to view the boat from the nearest dock or shoreline (travel not included). Who’s with me?