• http://www.losasso.com/ Maggie@losasso

    Great post! I think its easy for marketers to think quantity over quality, but in the long run it just works better to do things the right way from the beginning. I know when clients want to take on a social media strategy, the first thing I say is that they must be willing to invest time into it if they want it to be effective.

  • http://www.simplicitysquared.ca Ndennison

    It always amazes me how often people will only care about the quantity of followers/friends/links/etc. that they have on their profile. This is only ever impressive for a moment until you delve a little deeper and find out that their followers are spammers or unrelated marketers. In the end this will only hurt your credibility and clutter up your social media tools.
    By the way, I liked the post :)
    -Nathan Dennison