• http://www.brickmarketing.com Nick Stamoulis

    I find that working with small business owners has its pros and cons. I think like you said they are often not dedicated to marketing type activities and wear many different hats all of the time. As a small business owner myself, I can relate well to the mid-sized companies (with in house marketing teams) and small businesses as well. In my years of working with clients with their SEM efforts, I have learned, the following key points are what sets you apart and helps you truly become on their team:

    1. Organization
    2. Project Management
    3. Clear Goals and Strategy
    4. Schedule

    I find that clients that know we are easy to work with, reach on the phone/email and have a schedule/task driven type of relationship works very well. On the flip side, (like 99.9% of SEM clients out there) the goal is to increase visitors, conversions, etc. small business owners sometimes become very impatient. One observation that I have seen is that people tend to react differently when it is THEIR own media and budget.

    Anyway, that are my thoughts and thanks for an excellent post!