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    Hey Damien,

    Nice article: the concept of themeing and effective information architecture is one of the most over-looked and often has one of the largest impact. The thing I love about strong information architecture is that it tends to be a force multiplier: if you have sound, scalable keyword targeting and information architecture it improves the amount of search traffic you can expect for every piece of content you publish.

    Our software’s designed to do exactly this; if you have some time I think you might find a couple of our free tools interesting:

    Thanks Damien!


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    Great post! We do a lot of Keyword Research at our company, and I’m always looking for new tips and tricks to make our findings more fine-tuned. I really like the point about internal searches on a website. I think it would be great to compare the internal searches on your website to the keywords you actually want to rank for and find a balance between the two. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!