• http://xgjproductionsx.webs.com/ Glen Jackman

    Great article Tom. I love your equation for keyword count. I have been using something similar but yours is a lot cleaner to use. Word of caution for others, there needs to be a space in the first quotations. If you miss that part, the equation won’t work.

    Do you have any other links to excel equations that you use? I’m always interested in buffing up my toolbox.

    Again thanks for sharing,

  • http://deepfootprints.co.uk/ Joel Chudleigh

    This is a great reminder and a kick up the arse to not take any shortcuts and get things right from the beginning on all projects.
    There always needs to be room for a little flux and change as you go because you will constantly be learning more and spotting new and different ideas but it is so true that you need a clear plan from the beginning to avoid procrastination.

  • Neha Shetty

    What do you mean by high-tail keywords??

  • http://twitter.com/egiethoorn egiethoorn

    Hight-Tail Keywords are the most important keywords you are aiming for.

    For example Long-Tail “Black Brand LCD HD Television” and high-tail “LCD Television”.

    At e-commerce sites I would say:
    – Long-tail –> Informative pages to atract customers
    – mid-tail –> category off products (pages)
    – high-tail –> products (pages)

    If there is someone who can explain it also on a different way, be my guest.

    @Neha Shetty: i hope you can understand the difference now?

  • http://www.itmasterservices.com/ Reno Computer Repair Services

    Nice article Tom, with Google changing the ranking algorithms do you think more weight is on keywords or description and page titles?