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    Great article! Long Tail search is a real advantage in search marketing.

    I have to disagree on one point about using Excel for keyword grouping. Five key reasons why the program is not an efficient means for grouping:
    1. Excel Is Not Dynamic or Actionable
    2. Excel Spreadsheets Are Laborious to Maintain
    3. It’s Hard to Merge Data from Multiple Sources in Excel
    4. It’s Difficult to Create Relationships in Excel
    5. Excel Is Not Collaborative

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  • michaelzed

    HUBERMAN not ANDERSON first defined “long tail”

    Hi Julie,

    >What exactly is the long tail? Individually unimportant, but collectively significant according to Chris Anderson, who coined the term in 2004.

    I just wish to say that although the term “long tail” was popularised by Chris Anderson in his Wired article and then his book, the term was first referred to in relation to search engines by Bernardo Huberman in 1998. [Huberman is now a senior fellow at HP Labs and also head of the Internet Ecologies area at HPL.]

    The term was explicitly used in Huberman’s excellent book from 2001, Laws of the Web, published by MIT Press, on pages 27 & 28 in a discussion of Power Laws and Zipf distribution.

    Not trying to be a mad pedant, but Huberman’s work in the field of internet ecologies is very significant and rarely credited in discussion of the long tail, Chris Anderson and his, also important, contribution.


    Michael Zerman
    Adelaide, AUSTRALIA

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    Great advice to take away and use. Although long tail keywords require more time and effort to get the traffic you pull from more general terms, the conversions you get with the long tail usually pay off big time.

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    Great article, I highly recommend to optimize for long tail, I have seen a great amount of traffic coming from long tail keywords, around 60 to 70%.