• http://www.iexposure.com C. Lobo – Internet Exposure

    Joe, thanks for the tips on breaking keywords up into two categories. Do you think it is valuable to respond to social media users who are talking specifically about your brand?

    If so, what type of message would you send? A simple thank you for the mention? Or do you think it’s wise to upsell them? For instance, direct them to your website to check out other products. Just wondering where you think the boundary lays.

    I wrote a roundup a couple of days ago about free tools for social media monitoring, as well


    Have you found any value in these free tools or do you use paid software?


  • http://jozsoft.com Joe Hall

    I think it really depends on what the user is saying about your brand. If they are asking a question or are displaying a negative reaction, then following up with a link that will resolve their issue is an awesome idea. However, if they are just commenting on how awesome you are, then a simple thank you will work just fine.

    As for tools, the only one I use is the one I own and developed at WhosTalkin.com :)

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