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    Hi Chris,

    Brilliant article. Thank you.

    I also beat everyone and was the first to stumble it. Yay!!!

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    Chris, great article. Dale Carnegie would be proud. ;)

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    Yoav – glad you liked it and thanks for the Stumble!

    Matt – thanks a lot and great catch on the title :)

  • http://mattstoddart.blogspot.com mstoddart

    It’s a great book, actually. It’s timeless in that the same philosophies can be applied to a variety of disciplines whether it’s sales, social media, the PTA….you name it. I think it’s a very clever title!

    I did a post on our company site about Sphinn called Sphinn-Selling…but nobody caught it. :(

    Spin-Selling, as you may know, is one of the big “sales bibles” out there by Neil Rackham. Oh well, I ‘ll just keep throwing ’em out there until someone gets it.

    Nicely done!

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    I’m well aware of your service – no thanks Ragnar….

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    hi here,

    All are very useful! So detailed. thanks for your advices.:)

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    “Instant messenger is one of the biggest weapons in your social media marketing toolbox.”

    Amen Brother Winfield. Good post. I’m looking forward to reading more SMM articles from you here on SEL.