• Eric H

    The Internet is Dead.

  • http://pageonepower.com/ Nicholas Chimonas

    Relevancy first link building will never die, due to the implicit requisite of a real human endorsing the link. If the link doesn’t make sense on the target site, the human behind that target site won’t host the link. That is “link earning”, simply a synonymous term for link acquisition.

    Spamming low quality link directories, article directories, and irrelevant sites has been dead for a long, long time.

  • http://www.livinginthailand.net/ Neale

    No one will dispute the fact that ranking with crappy low quality links alone is dead, on the other hand using “pubcon takeaways” to highlight the need for no links to rank a term is is pretty lame. Why not show us an example of a fairly competitive term that ranks without any back links?

  • Rock Hillbilly (*Patriot*)

    Growth will require returning to “old” media tactics. The poor-man’s “free lunch” is nearing an end.

  • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    Sorry, Erin, but there are way too many misconceptions in this article to even begin to disagree with its points.

  • http://www.seo-experiments.com/ Andrew Guida

    SEO and linkbuilding will be around as long as people are using search engines. It is clear now that aggressive spammy tactics do not work which I am happy about. Webmasters now just need to focus on creating better websites and acquiring links from other relevant sources

  • David Jones

    Erin can you provide some more details or examples of this?
    Update outdated content that .gov, .org or .edu sites link out to

  • UK Tutoring Services – Cambodi

    Firstly can I say that I am an avid subscriber to your site.

    I have read your article and furthermore I have read a fare few others recently concerning this issue. Many years ago I used to create/obtain/build/glean ( whatever terminology you feel more comfortable with ) links and have had great fun doing it.

    I have been out of the game now for a while but I believe that with the massive change that is being implemented this is will certainly sort the wheat from the chaff so far as the multitude of so called SEO experts that seem to swamp this industry.

    It is about time that search becomes more enriched and I welcome the fact that, hopefully, the direct value of links will not be a significant or governing factor anymore. The reason why a lot of SEOptimizers are screaming and shouting about this is that they are actually going to have to work for their money, just like the rest of us in this world and not rest on their laurels or merits of link building skills.

    Relevant indicators will rely more heavily upon social networking contacts, Authorship, new fresh content originally sourced and researched as well more consideration for geographical and cultural differences. IMHO

  • petersonpol

    Google is controlled by big brands now… Crap results, repeating the same website all over the place… youtube results showing almost every time but … it is google brand now ;)

    Quality content? Yeah right ;) Bullsh..t

  • Barrie Smith

    Link building’s not dead so we don’t need to worry, as you went on to explain in your article, Erin :)

    Great quote from Will Critchlow.

  • Graham Bowers

    I wish I worked with clients in niches where pages ranked from quality content alone!! Hummingbird seems to make it easier for Google to display different results for very similar ‘longer tail’ search queries but without strong domain and page authority its still very hard to rank highly!

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    I think “link earning” is exactly on point. You have to put yourself, your website, and your content out there and get people’s eyes on it. Earning links is a side effect of creating great content, getting involved socially, and more.

  • http://www.v2interactive.net/ Josh Zehtabchi

    The concept of inaccurate article titles to gain link bait then contradict said title in article body is dead.

  • http://www.v2interactive.net/ Josh Zehtabchi


  • http://theseonut.com/ Adam

    I’m guessing someone accidentally hit the ‘publish’ button on this post instead of scheduling it out to April 1st, 2014.

  • Scott Davis

    Link Building is Dead, SEO is Dead, SEM is Dead, Content Marketing is Dead… I think what all these statements really are trying to say is, “Scamming search engines is dead.”

    All relevant strategies that increase the quality of ranking factors in favor of your site are still alive and well.

  • Erin Everhart

    That’s a fair point, but it was just used as an example, and I do say that links are still needed, and probably the most important thing needed, to rank for anything. The example is just to show that Google is taking more into consideration and you can rank without a link. You should apply those same principles (authorship, social influence, co-occurrence) in addition to link earning.

    As for competitive terms, we’ve secured No. 1 rankings in the fundraising arena without “building” a single link. There are still backlinks of course, but all that was through a link earning philosophy.

  • Erin Everhart

    Sure. .Gov, .org, .edu sites are notorious for linking to outdated content. Find those sources, update the content on your blog, and then build the relationship with the webmaster. I talked more about it here: http://searchengineland.com/9-things-we-should-never-stop-doing-in-link-building-170248 Hope that helps!

  • John E Lincoln

    Erin, Great article! I totally agree with most of what you said. Don’t let these mean spirited commentators get you down. Was a good and true post.

  • nagleonce

    There’s always social spamming. Cheap, easy, and the social networks host your spam for you for free! The price of bulk fake social accounts has dropped in the last two years. Especially for Google+. At least a quarter of Twitter accounts are fake. Start pumping those tweets out now! Google has no clue which social signals are fake, unless you do something dumb like use the same text for all of them.

  • SBS Fence

    I think still Link Building works but now SEOs should also looks towards SMO with it when designing a marketing campaign.

  • Matthew Zajechowski

    I think a better way to phrase this is manipulative link building is dead. As you noted “Links still are a critical factor in rankings — I might argue the most critical’ and according the moz ranking factors survey, most critical thinkers in our industry would agree. Focus on links without worrying about anchor text. Build links that will actually bring traffic and conversions to you website. Even if it doesnt increase rankings, if it makes a sale, its way more valuable then a link that might raise your search rankings slightly.

  • petersonpol

    Yeah yeah… tell me about websites ranked by Internal Blog Networks… back links from poor often 1 page blogs which purpose is only back linking. So yeah manipulative link building still exists.

  • Evgeniy Orlov

    It’s all nice and good, till you wake up on morning and get penalized-mail cause of some millions of bad backlinks pointed to your site from competor.

  • http://theseonut.com/ Adam

    Content Marketing is not scamming the search engines. Unless you’re doing it wrong.

  • Romil Tripathi


  • Romil Tripathi


  • AhsanParwez

    With all being said, I would like to add that “Like Earning” is nearly impossible in few niches …

  • http://tshero.com/ Eric K. Cone

    I am in complete agreement. Just do real company sh*t.

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