• Mambo Man

    I learned nothing from this article/advertisement.

  • sharithurow

    Hi Ronnie-

    Try clicking on the link to the full article.

    Also, that first statement has more truth to it than most people care to admit: user experience (UX) is used as justification for many decisions. And the people who use it? They can’t even define UX.

    The full article explains more.

  • Mambo Man

    I don’t want to click to another article. Why not just post the “4 things” in THIS “article?”

  • http://branson-mo-shows.com/ Drew Callison

    From a user experience perspective, I get an email with a link to an article. I decide to click the link. Then I go to the website, where I am given a tiny intro and then a link out of the site to another site. I’m sure the SEO benefit is there for the website being linked to, but now as a user I am feeling deceived. So I am willing to post this comment, but not click the link. Interesting how that works….

  • http://www.netmediablog.com/ Nwosu Desmond

    You are here talking about user experience when you haven’t done much in this article to give your users a great experience. You only posted what i can call an introduction and gave a link to go elsewhere and read the full article, how has that done great for your users?

  • sharithurow

    Ask the editors, not me.

  • Pamela Parker

    Hi, all. I’m the editor of which Shari speaks. This piece originally appeared in Marketing Land, and this excerpt and link was meant as a way to let Search Engine Land readers become aware of the column, as well. Based on your feedback, we’ll consider whether there’s a better way to accomplish this goal. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.