• http://www.contactatonce.com EG Online Marketing

    Cheap way to maximize your efforts is chat. Chat is a proven product to improve your conversion rate. We use http://www.contactatonce.com. They are amazing. We get more leads from chat than form or phone. The down fall is you get chats that go no where or they may not be interested in spending money with you but want to ask a question. That is ok with me because if I become their source for online marketing I will. This will build a relationship with my future clients and prove to them you don’t have to chase me. I am here…..willing to speak to you whenever you want to. I also use a lot of video email to spice things up a little. I bought the logitech 9000 and use the software they give you to email from outlook. It works great and it is free. There are also companies like http://www.talkfusion.com to spend money but you can also make money. Fair trade but they over charge for the product in my opinion.

    Best of luck and think outside the box!