• http://twitter.com/Jehochman Jonathan Hochman

    In the United States this restriction on free speech would never go unchallenged. The problem for Google and others is that they have built a product on US principles of free speech, and want to offer the product around the world. Will tech companies need to create a different flavor of service for each market? That would be bad. Will tech companies need to reduce their product to the minimum standard of the most repressive market they want to enter? That would be worse.

  • mickdude

    I don’t think the right to be forgotten applies in this case. People who commit such heinous crimes should be kept locked up indefinitely.

  • nex1s

    NO the right to be forgotten should only apply for some one who broke a window or got drunk or something stupid, the planned heinous murder of a two year old is a very different subject altogether and will always be a very emotive subject here in the UK, and I really wish you hadn’t published this article. Whilst your intentions I am sure are good as were tech dirt the summary you give is quite insulting.