• http://robertclarkmtfs.com/ Robert Clark

    The more things change the more things stay the same. Actually now that Google was done everything it can to ruin the sites that actually care the most about their content but hadn’t quite hit authority status yet, we are seeing the same sites suddenly bounce back to the top that were there before the original Panda update. 

    Looks like spam backlinks and autoblogs are back in style at least for the moment. It would be nice if Google paid more attention to focusing on good content instead of handing out penalties for over optimization. I guess they have to do something to try and hide their shortfalls.

    The last round of penalties will only deter those who are knew to the game or never understood it anyway though. 

  • http://www.seodailyupdates.com Sankar Datti

    Great article Kerry. Most of my friends lost rankings and traffic to their client websites with the latest algo changes as they used paid links, low quality content, low quality link building. It’s good to go with whitehat methods even though it’s little tough.

  • Sandra Hardy

    Yes Kerry it is really helpful for SEOs. Thanks for this valuable note.

  • http://twitter.com/DrySpark_com DrySpark

    Great read Kerry.  I really agree with your list of 8 basic items that remain unchanged.  I am curious how you picked the larger companies that you mentioned.  Who did you find that was doing things the best?    

  • Sunita Biddu

    Good one Kerry. Keeping the basics in mind, one can go advanced and yet whitehat. The main attention should be the end user and search engines start favoring the website. Good points covered. Thanks and Cheers!

  • http://twitter.com/brahma_seo brahmadas

    What ever optimization and supporting works we do, the basic is basic. Without completing the basic needs, all the efforts are in vein. Good Kerry. Keep in mind dont tell anybody or introduce yourself as SEO if you send emails regularly about your promotional seo packages he he…

  • Vitaliy Radovanski

    Google’s goals haven’t changed for years – to provide users with best search experience ever. Google simply strives to fight newer spam techniques. The basics are the same as ten years ago – content, usability, links.

  • http://www.platonicsupport.com/ Pooja

    Good Article, I think we always kept in mind as basic seo. we don’t forget seo is the field where we start as basic seo.
    I personally feel the guest article post is very useful for new learners. I am new in search engine filed and search engine land are too awesome for us.

  • Humayun Jameel

    Amazing or I should call it a reality. These small and unnoticed things play a crucial role in any SEO campaign going up or down.

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    Sometimes we get so focused on looking for the next big thing that we forget the basics. You can’t run before you walk! Get your house in order and then worry about being bigger, better, best.

  • http://twitter.com/FWDMarketinginc FWD Marketing

    March was not kind to a lot of websites that I know.  Like many people continuously say, GREAT CONTENT RULES!!!!

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    SEO basics are very important. You can easily forget to do the simple thinks like anchor text and meta tags. However, hiring a qualified SEO Services company can help substantially. The Big 3 (keywords, description, and title) is critical for any and all websites.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1370220284 Max Soni

    Based on what I saw from the latest results of last Panda updates…pre-panda websites are back. Any website which was new to the game, and didn’t have time to create a diverse link anchor profile, or diverse anchor text, was penalized. 

    Domains that were doing illegitimate things, like paid blog networks, yet had diverse link anchor text, or diverse link profiles, were totally fine and had no problems and are doing better than ever.

    I run a seo company and work with a diverse portfolio of clients.

  • http://twitter.com/mikeski001 Michael Tigulo

    Recently, I lost rankings on my website. I build links manually and I used white hat tactics only. About the robo text i don’t have much idea , can you explain please. 

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    very nice article Kerry rich snippets is also very likely to be included in the list

  • https://serps.com Scott Krager

    The basics of SEO aren’t that difficult…it’s the implementation that is the real bear of an issue. “Create great content” sounds easy enough….but when you get down to actually doing it, it either takes: 1. a ton of time or 2. alot of money to hire a truly talented person to create it. 

    I’ve always thought that once someone understands the basics of SEO it comes down to those 2 main things….time and money. The best SEOs I know just get a whole ton of things done each day, or they have great people that help them get more done.

    Too many people get overwhelmed with the advanced parts of SEO when just implementing the basics you listed here will go a very long way.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RTZ3YCKIN5D4TMNXVJFBWBKLBI Kurt

    I have to question, better they things I did not know and want to check again.

    1. Do I really need to put a URL location for my sitemap file in the robots.txt?

    2. Is it really wrong to put “Home” at the beginning of the breadcrumb trail? I mean most site to it. Look at ebay, toyrus, etc. Do I really have to put the company´s name at the beginning and does that help me for SEO?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stuvert-Broad/100002951078884 Stuvert Broad

    Still Only Basic SEO is Working SEO is not something Magic it’s commonsense

  • Angela Brown

    I am Angela. I am involve with SEO over 2 years. I am very happy to know, that SEO has great future. Thanks for nice sharing. 

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    Thanks for sharing growth rate in SEO.

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    Creating great content can be difficult, but if you commit to writing one article a week, it’ll really start to add up!

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    Great article…

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