• MadeWillis

    Google’s tool is far superior to the others. And yes, they do actually have a search and replace function at the ad and keyword levels. You can find it at the bottom under the comments box.

    adCenter’s tool freezes quite often and just closes and there is no copy and paste functionality. I have connectivity problems all the time and sometimes I can’t even download stats. Thus far it doesn’t save me anywhere near the time Adwords Editor does. It’s really good for bulk uploads, however. Hoping the bugs are fixed before the merger since I’ll be spending more time using it then.

    Yahoo’s tool…better than adCenter’s, but still slower than the others. Account downloads take a long time. Bulk uploads are simple, as well as converting 3rd party files.

    All-in-all these tools do save time and I appreciate their creation. Hopefuly

  • NWTiger54

    There’s no doubt Editor is much superior to Yahoo & adCenter’s desktop applications. In fact, I reviewed and compared the three in terms of general aspects a PPC manager typically requires when it comes to managing an account a few weeks ago.

    I think it’s somewhat important to also think about why Yahoo released their own desktop application when adCenter will be the “hub” for controlling Yahoo PPC near the end of 2010 due to the alliance formed between the two. Is Yahoo’s desktop app simply going to disappear? I mean honestly, why spend the money on developing it when it won’t be used after 2010… unless of course they have other plans for it?

  • http://drinkcraftbeer.com DevonR

    As MadeWillis mentioned adwords editor does in fact have a find and replace function which is very easy to use. In addition to that the append feature is great. It allows you to add text to the beginning or end of any desired field. This can remove the need for some concatenation formulas in excel. Adwords Editor is by far the most powerful and user friendly of all three.

  • morgster

    I don’t know Google’s tool inside out though I hear it works pretty well and does what it’s supposed to do.

    As for Microsoft’s, I get mixed feedback, but I think they have some bugs to weed out.

    Maybe Kelly was reviewing an old version of Yahoo’s tool here but my version has find and replace, copy and paste to excel and a pretty innovative keyword research tool that narrows down your most relevant keyword matches. It also allows you to import third party formats. It’s been a while coming, but I think they’re done a pretty good job and it’s wrong to tell people not to use it.

    I do agree that these tools provide simpler, faster ways to interact with your search accounts and I’m sure we’ll see further development.