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    YES, Agree sounds feeling biased & something suspicious from Google point’s of view for small business owners.

  • deborah638

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  • Doug Kessler

    Who elected them the Gods of Web Marketing?

    If it was any other company, they could claim the right to set their own rules and police them as they see fit. But a company with 70%+ market share that determines the success or failure of millions if companies owes us all a few things: transparency, responsiveness and accountability.

  • Lakisha Caudle

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  • http://twitter.com/ItsHogg Jon

    It wasn’t removed from the index.

    They didn’t make it clear at all, they didn’t comment on it.

  • http://twitter.com/ItsHogg Jon

    So quickly though?

  • Jack Limerick

    They were gone, kaput, disappeared, vanished. Doing a search for site:interflora.co.uk returned 0 results.

    Google also commented about the type of action taken, albeit indirectly and without mentioning interflora speficially, literally the day after it happened on their blog.

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