• http://jimayson.wordpress.com Jim Ayson

    Well actually the boxee box has HDMI and component video out – just look at any photo showing the back of the box.

  • http://www.bryanphelps.com Bryan Phelps

    I chose the new AppleTV over Roku because I wanted to be able to store all of my movies on a hard drive and stream them.

    The Internet TV arena still seems pretty fragmented. I’d like to be able to get Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. on one box and be able to stream my own media from a PC.

  • http://wefollow.com/moscreative moscreative

    This is a great chart comparing each of these devices. I’ve been reading tons of articles about AppleTV, Roku, and Google for months now. It has been hard to keep track what does what and where some are limited, so great idea putting it into chart form.

    I’m curious to see how many actually go for the new TV system and how it will effect cable and satellite tv.

  • http://about.me/aaronlevy aaron levy

    No love for the WD TV?? Pretty similar to AppleTV, cheaper and has 1080p!

  • http://www.jefflouella.com Jeff Louella

    Google TV is not a physical device. Is this review for the Logitech Revue or the Sony Blue Ray? I am sure the features don’t change but the configurations may. Like HDMI cable included.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Jim, I did say that the Boxee has HDMI out. But it definitely does not have component video out. It does have composite audio out.

    Aaron, I may look at that later, though it appears to only support Netflix among the major channels I’ve listed above. I may also add a review of the Xbox as streaming tool.

  • Dante

    Originally I was rooting for AppleTV but i looks the Boxee Box is the front runner here. I researched GoogleTV and it looks like they have a lot of issues they are working out. Roku really needs a HDMI Out Port.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Jeff, while you’re correct, there’s no “Google TV” standard device but rather Google TV “powered” products, both the Sony and the Logitech boxes are exactly the same for the features I’ve listed above, all of them, including HDMI cable inclusions.

    Dante, the Roku box does have an HDMI out port.

  • hpbithaca

    But my internet provider is my cable company. If I drop my TV plan, I have to pay internet access a la carte which is almost $50. Add Hulu+ and Netflix and it’s close to what I’m already paying with a cable “bundle” package without the convenience. I’ve thought about doing this but it doesn’t make economic sense.

  • thorninc

    You’re forgetting one: Orb TV – http://new.orb.com/en/orb-tv/features.html

  • Michael S.

    I, as a previous Apple TV owner and current Revue owner, much prefer Google TV. I have yet to have any problems with the device and I’ve owned my own for almost 3 months now, and have been playing around with it at work (DISH Network) a few months before I bought my own. I actually bought the 2nd gen Apple TV around the same time I bought the Revue and after playing with both I much prefer the Revue. Apple TV is pretty much good at one thing – and that’s VOD. I like how the Revue integrates my DISH DVR programming and recordings with the internet into one seamless interface. And the price was very competitive ($179 for the Revue with DISH vs the $99 I paid for Apple TV). Needless to say I took the Apple TV back and haven’t regretted it :)

  • Mike duce

    I just got mine for a great deal at Apple Tv vs Roku