• Mike Dobbs

    Hang-on. Windows OS Phones are only like 3% of the smartphone marketshare. And while most Windows Phone users will likely use Bing as the default search engines, some of those will flip to Google. Hey, I’d love to see more competition, but I don’t agree with this just yet. If Windows OS in fact gets 20%+ mobile device market-share via Nokia – giddy up…. Also, I find it interesting that Bing has yielded their own local results over to become powered by Yelp! They have their own business portal, but it’s unclear how they leverage the data now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000089286668 Truitt Dill

    good article. i hadnt thought about that.

  • http://twitter.com/tetraclit vasya

    They will have to give it to me for free so I will maybe use this ugly bing bling.

    The same way they give this Lumia free to their imbecile employees and CEOs and waiting for outside onlookers to pay for that.

  • rpasea

    I haven’t found the attraction of Bing….I tried searching in Hong Kong and was defaulted to Chinese language and couldn’t find a way to keep English. Google enables this no problem.

    Having said this, I think WP8 will be big in the enterprise as RIM is imploding and IT managers may like integrating apps across platforms.

  • webfactorieshq

    Bing will redirect you in one search place if you are located in one territory or time zone. Like if you’re on asia, you’re be redirected either the same time zone you have. I went to taipei, and redirected to China also. I am not sure if Nokia can change their mobile search, iPhone should be the first one who’ll make the first move.

    Sky High

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  • http://www.facebook.com/kumar.rajjesh Kumar Rajesh

    use nokia maps

  • http://www.facebook.com/kumar.rajjesh Kumar Rajesh

    bing will use Nokia Maps … and right now Nokia has the best MAPS App

  • Matt McGee

    Mike, I wrote in some detail about what the Bing-Yelp partnership entails on my own blog. I wouldn’t say Bing has “yielded” its results — http://www.smallbusinesssem.com/yelp-bing-content-details/6227/