• http://searchengineland.com Danny Sullivan

    Mark C emailed me after having problems commenting:

    “Did you actually play with the GMM client at all? Its not just for the US/Canada as suggested but does maps all over the world, including the UK

    I have used it to find many places in London and it works great. (hint: to get quickly to wherever from the default us view, just search for a post code)

    Its really a nice client overall, much better than the dodgy java client”

    I did a keyword search and had no luck. Yep — just did a postcode search and hurray — maps. But tried some more keyword searches and got no results when I would have expected them — and results that Live Mobile gave me. So I suspect that you can get maps but not good business info outside the US. I do plan to play with it more though.

  • http://mobile.search.live.com/about Darwin

    Hi Danny,

    Thanks for the detailed account of your experience. Sorry about the frustration you suffered trying to find our app, but the mobile live.com site should soon be updated to include a download link for our app. Since you downloaded the beta version and used it to search in the US, the app saves that data whenever it updates, so that’s why you saw the last place in the US you looked up. The US and UK versions are actually the same for Windows Mobile (but not for our J2ME versions, so we call each out separately to try to prevent confusion). It should automatically detect your location based on your phones settings, but I think what happened here is that you had the beta version that was US only, and then you upgraded to the full release, and we didn’t do a check to see where you were since you were searching in the US last time.

    Anyway, sorry for any inconvenience we caused you, and definitely let us know if you have more feedback or suggestions.