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    CPM? Cost per fan? Neither metric is particularly useful in this measurable internet media world.

  • Ciaran Lyons

    It’s worth reading Anil Dash’s ‘Life on the List’ post, where he discusses the effect of being on Twitter’s Suggested User List. The members of the SUL have massively inflated numbers of followers, which in turn allows them to charge $10,000 per tweet. But people are really just twittering into the void.

    From the article:

    “I’ve been able to determine that having hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers is basically only a measure of having been on the suggested user list, and doesn’t consistently indicate any intent from Twitter users at all. So, not to take away from Breaking News or Kim Kardashian, but there are people making a significant amount of money simply by virtue of having been on the suggested user list.

    And it turns out, those suggestion-heeding followers might not actually be paying any attention at all.”


    “Being on Twitter’s suggested user list makes no appreciable difference in the amount of retweets, replies, or clicks that I get.”