• http://twitter.com/nicoledegner Nicole Degner

    Andy I was wondering if the Google algorithms were different in various countries and from your post, I now know there are differences.

    I want to understand international SEO and how a US based company can provide effective SEO in another country. What sources/news do you read to keep up on international SEO?


  • Andrew Shephard

    I guess the basic strategies remains the same because Google is using the same algorithm everywhere, however when we target specific location in the globe some extra care and extra coding is needed and that too on some specific pages based on the target country.
    For example when we talk about the loading time of web-pages it should be low for every country however if we have some product pages that are meant for particular region the designing, appeal, coloring, welcome message and link structure should change as per the targeted country.
    Some other areas of SEO that needs localized approach is the Google Place optimization, and video optimization. If we leave these certain regions rest of the ingredients remains the same.

  • http://nicole-simon.eu nicolesimon

    It goes down to a very wrong understanding on how the whole process
    works if you just thing translation. Example: Germany is a language
    island country  with google being something like 95% of the search market – partly because they understand language better than others German is full of endings which are going back to the same core. In english, different words are different words, in german it can depend on the sentence.

    Second Germany has no Social Media in the traditional sense, aka no Blogs nor other social networks in the way they are in america. Startups often ask me “so who are the influencers we want to reach the market” to which the answer always is “do you want to reach the “influencers” or do you want to reach the market?”.  If you SEO thinking is based on the mechanisms of american social media with outreach through blogs and social signals through ideas like reddit and digg and alike, you will completely fail.

    Facebook does have a very different role here as it has in the states, reflected also in the majority of users and perception.

    Also Germans spend *heavily* on SEO, I always like to say we are Web 1.0 but with hard core SEO. ‘Just’ translating stuff and not taking into account how the local market it will fail you. Getting links for your internatinal partners but not local ones will fail you.

    Knowledge of the local market and the local language are as important as knowledge of the ‘international’ and the ‘american’ way SEO is done.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.ruseler Chris Ruseler

    This is off topic, but can anyone help me, find a Google Adwords specialist in the USA? I’m searching for a customer who wants to sell pool (cleaning) filters for jacuzzi’s and whirlpools online. Thanks in advance.

  • http://www.dinomiteseo.com/ Dino Gomez

    Bullet point number six is perhaps the strongest. Google rolls out algorithm changes in the U.S. prior to other countries. Big changes have impact first in the states and thus SEO at times is significantly different in different countries. Once all updates have rolled out across all countries SEO is more similar per country. I sure would like to see those algo changes coming from a distance however… Won’t Google implement a major change in another country first at some point?

  • Nathan Giesbrecht

    Thanks for the great info Andy. Just about to internationalize at work, and will definitely keep this in consideration