• markvas

    Good read thanks Andy. Couldn’t agree more about PPC being part of an important part of promoting a site internationally. I’ve found it to be a really useful approach when clients are just getting started in a new market, and despite carrying out their due diligence still need to understand just how their site (or sites) are going to perform (e.g. from an engagement / conversion perspective) when positioned in front of a foreign audience. Obviously it’s much quicker to see results with PPC, but it also makes it easier to plan and justify SEO related decisions you make. Regardless of the approach, still can’t overlook the importance of getting the technical side of multi-national SEO right from the start too.

  • http://twitter.com/IamNiravVyas Nirav Vyas

    “You want everything to be natural. You want people to link to you
    because they find that your stuff is of high quality. Let it happen

    Terrible advice. If no one knows about your high quality post and
    never see it, how would they share it? You personally have grown a big
    list, you have rss subscribers, and you have solid long-term readers so
    of course they’ll share.

    Try that with a new blog and let me know what happens.