• http://www.twitter.com/agrinavich Amanda Grinavich

    Not sure if they were the first, but I love how they used it here. Other brands have been using Jelly but a few of them seem to have jumped on it for the sake of jumping on it – versus using it strategically. It will be interesting to see how brands put this to use creatively. I have to imagine Jelly will add a search function at some point, and that will make it easier to find appropriate questions to respond to.

  • http://www.velocitydigital.co.uk/blog-social Mike McGrail

    Lowes are a great example of a brand that are spot-on with social. Jelly is interesting, as I feel there may be a bit of a revolt against brands on it, unless they are truly helpful at all times, which will take some serious time resource. The fact that it isn’t currently searchable also poses as a problem, as it will be a case of sifting through many questions in order to find the gems that are worth answering.

  • Luke Dennison

    It’s the people who get in first that are always ahead of the game. Remember, if you can see the bandwagon, 9/10 it’s already to late.

  • http://wtff.com/ JustConsumer

    Well, according to the example provided this is new eHow ))

    How to mount ?
    1. Find the spot ;
    2. Drill the hole ;
    3. Put the screw in.

    P.S. Feel free to sue Lowes, when your TV will fall off the wall, since you followed personal documented advice of the licensed company.

  • Darpan Ghosh

    This should be the way! I strongly feel that brands, small companies, even individuals with specific subject-matter expertise can make excellent use of Jelly! The best part, unlike Google Helpouts, you don’t have to go through the extensive video making process or sitting down before your PC for hours! If they brands hire a couple of more guys (with social media management experience), they can easily shuffle through the questions, deliver quality response and expand the scope of brand loyalty! My guess is in due course of time Jelly will be more popular than Pinterest!