• Lucidity Digital

    It is interesting to see an article about the ‘death of Google page rank’ only to be concluded with a call to action for the ‘Google Page Rank Guide’…hmmm

  • TimothyJJ

    Ha, definitely super relevant to link to an article from 2007

  • Durant Imboden

    The headline should have read: “Is the public display of PageRank finally dead?” If the answer is “yes,” it won’t have happened a moment too soon.

  • Illogicalthinker

    I think the Public Display is most certainly dead.
    I agree the name is slightly misleading since PageRank is Google’s Algorithmic foundation.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    The article is an evergreen introduction to the concept of PageRank. For those who don’t understand what it’s about, I think they’ll find it useful.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    The article is an evergreen introduction to the concept of PageRank. For those who don’t understand what it’s about, I think they’ll find it useful.

  • TomSchmitz

    This is not the first time: I believe April 2010 to January 2011? Regardless, it will be fun to watch the coverage and the tension both rise while everyone waits for a largely disdained metric to refresh. Unleash the “Should Google Kill PageRank?” across the blogosphere!

  • http://www.summitweb.net/seo-inverness-scotland.html Martin Oxby

    Google refer to ‘links that pass PageRank’ all the time. However CLIENTS have in the past come to us asking us to improve their PageRank, meaning the score in the Toolbar…and there have ALWAYS been differences in actual PageRank and reported PageRank.

    Therefore those that complain about this haven’t got the right perspective – people should finally stop obsessing over Toolbar PageRank and just get on, as Google have said, creating worthy websites.

    If this is the end of reported/toolbar PageRank then it is only a good thing. As Barry said on G+, it would just be nice for Google to confirm it.

  • Durant Imboden

    People like to accuse Google of being evil, but if the folks at Google really *were* evil, they could could try randomizing Toolbar PageRank for a week or so (or maybe just for April Fool’s Day) and enjoying the alternating cries of joy and anger.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    I think that if Google wants people to really get over PageRank, then it should stop reporting it. Period. Just turn it off, rather than this drip, drip, drip of pulling it away in various places. Plenty of SEOs would actually love that.

  • http://www.summitweb.net/seo-inverness-scotland.html Martin Oxby

    Completely agree with you Danny. Might not be a bad idea to stop referring directly to it as well. Maybe just call it ‘link value’,’page value’ or something else as the split of the two PageRanks has done nothing but cause confusion to people outside the SEO industry.

  • http://www.keshkesh.com/ Takeshi Young

    It’s not a full week in Internet marketing unless something dies. Last week was EdgeRank, the week before was link building, and SEO is dying all the time. This week it’s PageRank’s turn to face the music.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    PageRank isn’t the algorithmic foundation. PageRank is only one part of the overall algorithm.

  • Colin Guidi

    Google PageRank has simply become an ornament on my SEO Christmas tree.

    Seriously, who still even uses that metric?

  • Durant Imboden

    Quite a few people do. (I’m always seeing posts by newbie bloggers who worry about their toolbar PageRank, and as a Web publisher, I still get pitches from bottom-feeding SEOs and brokers who want to buy or sell PageRank.)

  • http://www.michaelmerritt.org/ Michael Merritt

    Also, except for the newest of websites, it’s still halfway decent as an “at-a-glance” metric for initially separating out highly-ranked sites from low-ranked sites for link-building purposes. Of course, you still need to do further research about the site’s quality and there are other, more frequently updated metrics (like MozRank), but if you need to go through a list of sites quickly, it works.

  • Colin Guidi

    It was more of a rhetorical than literal question.

    PageRank has gone in and out of being support over the years. Shouldn’t be relied upon.

    I understand that quite a few people use it, but that doesn’t make it more accurate or even useful. As I believe you’re in agreement with.

  • Damian Dodd

    I got declined from B&H’s affiliate program. Their reason? My Google Page Rank was too low.

  • atentat

    PR is still useful. Its a metric coming straight from google. Sure its not current but it can still tell you and help you in a lot of case, like for instance to check if a redirection is implemented correctly. Here is a simple solution: Just STFU and dont use it? The only people mad at the toolbar are the ones who cant sell links on their fresh sites. That’s no reason to remove it.

  • http://www.phplinkdirectory.com David DuVal

    There is a hacker group that put hidden links on sites like Creative Commons and Cornell University. While the links are gone now, the continuing pagerank benefit they received has allowed them to sell links all year, and my analysis shows they made millions of dollars. I know of numerous people that reported them to Google,but it seems nothing was done. They have a bunch of directories (ex. about eight PR7 directories and lots of 5 and 6). This has done a lot of damage to the directory industry because these people made a lot of money at the expense of the honest people that were trying to do it the honest way. It is very unfortunate, and a real shame Google ignored the reports.

  • Doc Sheldon

    I was just commenting on this to a colleague a couple of days ago. I have two sites that have been indexed, one about 45 days old, another about 3 weeks old, but both still display “unranked” in the toolbar. There was a time that a crawl would raise a page from unranked to TBPR 0, but apparently, that’s no long the case. Changes seem to have stopped flowing.
    Hmmmm… so we can no longer depend upon our 3-9 month out-of-date data… ;-)

    ‘Bout time, says I.

  • http://www.razorsocial.com/ Ian Cleary

    Why did Google ever show page rank? It’s only used by SEO people in link building campaigns. It’s similar to Facebook telling us what rating they provide as a result of Edgerank. It’s very likely that Google page rank is not going away but don’t expect them ever to tell you what it is in the future. Ian

  • gregory smith

    With a title like ”
    Is PageRank Finally Dead? It Seems To Be, At Least In The Google Toolbar

    makes me wonder..

  • gregory smith
  • http://www.digitalmarketinglab.co.in/ Digital Marketing Lab

    You know what, I feel Page Rank factor is actually dyeing. Soon it will be either no longer available (to not only to public but also to Google) or it will be Google’s internal tool not visible to us.

    Because we often forget maintaining or repairing stuff that are never used and rarely used.

    … but you never know what is in Google’s mind, so lets focus on the content quality than Page Rank stuff

  • http://www.redstarcreative.co.uk/ Andy Kinsey

    I’ve not for a few years seen PR as a good way to say how good or bad a site is or its likelyhood in ranking. The correlation between high PR and high ranking was at one point large today it’s less so. Also I should point out that just because they havent updated the PR showing in the toolbar or api etc doesnt mean that PR doesnt exist in other forms or hidden within their own systems – just because its not public face doesnt mean anything.

  • osman musa

    Your probably right on this one, my page shows no PR yet I out rank in results some sites that existed before me and that have similar technology posts as mine but those sites have existing PR showing up on toolbar.

  • Durant Imboden

    PageRank goes back more than 15 years, to a time when links hadn’t yet become commodities to be bought and sold. The PR “fuel gauge” undoubtedly helped Google popularize its toolbar, which was a useful marketing tool for Google Search back in the day.

    The idea behind a public display of PageRank was to give users an indication, however approximate, of a page’s popularity or credibility. (Remember, we’re talking about an era when links were still “citations,” by and large, and most sites dispensed information instead of selling things.)

  • http://www.dreamtechie.com/ Admin

    If there is something like that “Google Page rank is dead then there should be no Google PR for the old webpages as well”. Is not is ?

  • SEO Expert – Rahul Trivedi

    I think google will shut down this features as like others…

  • atentat

    PR is not very useful because google doesnt update it enough. other then that i dont think there is anything wrong with that metric.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/josephmaresca Joseph Maresca

    I think that this is a great way to deter link buying and maybe some selling (but seriously doubt the link sellers will go away). If people can not see what the true PR of a page is why would they risk buying a link? I seriously doubt PageRank is going away in terms of a ranking signal. I think its just being kept internal to Google in an effort to deter how commercialized links from pages with PR has become.

  • http://www.kitgarrett.com/ Kit Garrett

    The thing about PageRank is the only people that use it are SEOs and Warrior Forums types to either a) justify work completed (if you’re still doing this, STOP IMMEDIATELY. SERIOUSLY.) or b) sell high authority links. It’s no longer a useful metric.

  • http://www.digitalmarketinglab.co.in/ Digital Marketing Lab

    Nothing wrong for sure but it was more popular among link exchangers. The primary factor evaluated for Link exchange purpose was the PageRank.

  • http://www.rieder-enterprises.com/pagerank-verbessern/ reseo

    The google-algo takes every activity into consideration. That means, your content, your social likes, backlinks, etc. are directly influencing trust flow & citiation flow.
    Even if the Pagerank wasn’t updated in a while.

    I would not worry about it. You can compare it with tests at school. Some of my classmates were getting so nervous before they got back a test. But worrying about the result after you took the test… well, it’s useless. And so it’s the same when it comes to the pagerank.

    I’ts much better you focus on your work, move one and if you do your homework, you’ll do fine. I was also publishing an article about the pagerank since many people say that the pagerank itself doesn’t count anymore.

    Well.. in my opinion this can’t be true. So feel free to check out my little article:

    The article is in german only – but luckily we do have the google translator tool – which helps a lot.

    so far so good… happy blogging to everyone & have fun !

  • http://www.learnprosql.com/ Lee

    If Pagerank hasn’t been updated then old information is not good information at all.

  • Adeel Sami

    I don’t so much care if the PageRank is dead or alive but the quality content and it will make its way up on SERPs. I’d always want to have good positions for my posts/articles to retrieve organic traffic rather than only pleasing search engines to get a hold of PageRank numbers. I see PR 2-3 sites which are not even getting a normal amount of search traffic. I want and everyone should want that quality be admired at any level (small to big sites.)

  • http://notionage.com/ SEO Singapore

    I did noticed the Google PR has not been update for at least half a year. Could it be Google might totally drop the PR and replace with something new measurement to the web pages? At least recently Google has enforce all major Press Release websites to only use nofollow links now, this might be some sight of changes may be made again on PR?

  • Ranjeet Kashyap

    I don’t think

  • Rock Hillbilly (*Patriot*)

    As useless as the metric is, it is still used. Since Google hasn’t updated it many months, and it is going away by some accounts, looks like someone could step in and fill the gap with a 3rd party alternative.

  • cashitgadget

    I think Google should KEEP PR, but they should only count back links from sites that get over 20,000 hits every month. That would really cut down on the unnatural spam links that are unnaturally obtained or paid for. Google should see this comment and take note. If they also combined time spent on sites for credible links that would also be great!

    A recent article worth sharing on PR updating is below.


    It states that PR may be determined by the time spent on an outgoing link? Is this true?

  • Steve

    The removal of pagerank will definitely affect a lot of businesses that rely on the data, especially link building companies and guest post networks.

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  • Lucidity Digital

    provided it is credible, then absolutely. :)

  • Lucidity Digital

    fair point Danny

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