• Winooski

    Julie, great advice, but I have to take a little exception to this:

    “Remember, over a million iPads were sold in a 28 day period. That is just one popular mobile device (excluding phones). That’s a lot of conversions left on the table.”

    The iPad may be a mobile device, but I don’t think it’s accurate to consider it in the context of this article along with portable computers such as smart phones. Although it has iPhone’s OS, the iPad has a screen size much closer to a laptop, so as long as a site looks OK on Safari (and there are more browsers coming, e.g., Opera), it should be good-to-go for iPad. However, you can’t say the same for smart phones, which are restricted by tinier screens.

    Here’s a year-old post from Mobiletech’s John Arne Sæterås considering the arguments for and against lumping iPad in with its diminutive brethren:


  • Julie Joyce

    Winooski…excellent point but I had my shopping nightmare experience on the ipad, which is why I lumped it in. However, you are correct that this is much more of a problem for the smaller screens, so thanks for saying that.