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    There’s also http://www.searchalldeals.com which I’ve been using for a month or so, and have saved a bunch from there. Also, saves me a ton of browsing time by having all my deal sites on one page.

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    Well written! A couple of clarifications.

    It isn’t $332 billion. That’s just GROCERY coupons. the value of merchant coupons (pizza, hair cuts etc.) is unknown, and really unknowable.

    To a large extend CoolSavings no longer does couponing. Their grocery coupons are now supplied by SmartSource.

    Boodle (my company) also offers local coupons via our newsppaer partners. Not all participate, however.

    Again, a very intersting and well-done article!

  • http://www.shopping-bargains.com Mike Allen

    It’s amazing how much money is thrown away in unused grocery coupons alone. As referenced above, that $332 billion total does not include many other kinds of coupons. I suggest that if we could also include online coupons (coupon codes) into this equation the unused value would be truly staggering.

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