• rebekah

    The DIY craze has hit many industries, including the one I am in, market research. On one hand, DIY products are great for small companies that could never afford an industry’s services, but on the other hand, it can be not good because DIY’ers can make mistakes that a specialist would not. For example, people who write their own questionnaires can create unintended bias, pull from faulty samples, use an improper methodology or analyze the data incorrectly. In addition, it takes time for someone to DIY that could or should be spent elsewhere in the business, but more importantly, the company could then rely on faulty data and hurt their company.


  • Stupidscript

    While I do agree with the basic premise, a question that went unanswered is:

    How much was Andy the Accountant paying (including PPC spend and hours spent working on PPC) before retaining your company?

    How much were they paying after?

    If they were paying $2000 per month for PPC before you came onboard, and $5000 per month after you came on board, you would need to generate an additional $3000 per month for them every month in order to justify hiring you.

    In other words, there is definitely an economic point under which it does not make sense to hire a professional. Sometimes DIY SEM IS the answer. ;)

  • Richard F

    I agree that a company can lose opportunity by not handling their PPC properly. A company can also lose a lot of money AND opportunity by hiring the wrong company to manage their PPC. I’ve been there.

    A company that simply handles PPC doesn’t have a lot of value either as all they do is send traffic. An agency that can do the PPC AND can work on your site to improve conversions is better.

    We brought this in-house and saved the 35% commission fee that many of the large PPC companies charge (which went toward salary) AND because we have all the data, continually improve our conversion rate, lowering our ROI and improving our service.

    If your an SEO agency outsourcing PPC, bring it in-house and you’ll improve your services tremendously… especially if you work with clients that work in local or regional markets.


  • Samg11

    Webvisible is a complete Rip Off, great at talking the talk and promising great results but the company is a fraud.

    Results and reports that were sent to us where falsified, encountered multiple ROI miscalculations. Cost per Click went up in every category they assisted us with. Continued to bill prepaid funds after the account was canceled. In regards to management we received many promised callbacks that took days to weeks to receive with no satisfactory outcome.

    BEWARE of smooth talking salespeople. Results were terrible and a waste of $15,000.00 in just two weeks.