• http://gesher.org/ Natan Gesher

    I love that Text Link Ads was a sponsor in the original.

  • billslawski

    Would have loved these lists of ranking factors if the “expert” contributors to them could have been the ones picking the ranking factors included instead of rating the ones supplied by Moz. I think that’s been a significant flaw since the first of them.

  • Jeff Ferguson

    The crazy thing about these – these are just the guesses at ranking factors. Even when someone like Matt Cutts comes out and says, “social doesn’t actually influence rank,” SEO will still say it does. Even this article says, “speculations of how social and even links will, won’t or might impact rankings” – It doesn’t, period, end of story.

  • http://www.formertourist.com/ Gaurav Srivastava

    Ranking factors in Google by Backlinko, was just awesome. Now from SEL, time to learn more things in SEO. Good job SEL as always!

  • Aryan Singh

    Social signal were never the part of the ranking algorithm as Google dosent have access to the most of the API social media sites of Facebook,twitter except for G plus which is there own.So it didnt contribute to their Ranking algorithm

  • billslawski

    There was a lot of stuff in that infographic that were just lame, such as LSI, Keyword Density, Age of Domain Registration – these are not awesome things.

  • http://www.seoperks.com/ Nate Dame

    Thanks Jeff, yep there’s a lot left to ‘figure out’, if ever, and I think Matt Cutts et. al. enjoy the fact that the SEO world is guessing and unsure about specific individual factors more than ever!

  • tedives

    Well, Keyword Density > 0% is still pretty awesome Bill! LOL

  • http://www.joshz.net/ Josh Zehtabchi

    Not to mention Matt Cutts recent video confirming this. (social is not a factor currently)

  • http://www.joshz.net/ Josh Zehtabchi

    So much fluff in these articles of late. Let’s be honest, SEO has yet to be dramatically changed – that’s the cold hard fact. What has changed is Google’s attention to people gaming the system and exploiting it. Also, what has changed is the ability of most SEO’s to do a quality job and not simply spam out anchor text over the internet. Great site structure, proper content and natural styled links have always been the key to ranking and based on my predictions, will continue to be IMHO.