• Brad Krupkin

    my brand is showing as part of the Knowledge Graph. Just like you mentioned, the content comes directly from Wikipedia. However, the image shown comes from some random site, completely out of our control.

    Additionally, some of my main competitors show up as “people also search for” options, which I am not happy about. If someone is specifically looking for my brand and has no knowledge of my competitors, why show it to them if Google does not benefit from the click on a conquesting PPC ad instead? It is all garbage.

    And the amount of information the card pulls and shows from wikipedia answers no real questions a searcher may be looking for. Big fail on Google’s part for now…

  • Bernard Cayeux

    This issue is really important to our future and it should be clear to all, “Yes, Google does not owe you clicks but the way way they are doing this is nothing less than than stealing intellectual property.”

    It’s in these cases that the European union laws are a salvation. I do not know if something is underway or if there is the legal framework in place today for this but sooner or later, a legal suit will have to be raised against Google’s malpractice(s), hopefully forcing them to, at least make the website from which the content is scraped, prominent.

  • Subodh Doharey

    nice that you talked about issues…bt i was missing solution in last of article….we are left with question now :)

  • http://www.seotipsandstrategies.com/ Mary Gammel

    This knowledge graph is becoming a larger problem with no real solution as far as organic SEO is concerned. The best advice I can give my clients after optimizing is to build your own audiences via social media and email marketing. That can take some sting out of lost clicks. It can also help with visibility of your site and lead to some link sharing by your audiences.

  • http://www.gregboggs.com/ Greg Boggs

    Interesting, the knowledge graph content theft of United Way appears to be directly generated by United Way’s Google+ page. Perhaps Knowledge graph is your punishment for signing your brand up for G+.

    Anyone have an example of a graph page for a brand that doesn’t have a G+ page? It would seem the best way to avoid this theft, is to make sure your brand does not have a G+ page.