• http://www.JiansNet.com briteguy

    Thanks for pointing it out. I’ve been frustrated these days too with this Google sitemap issue. Now that I am sure it is a programming glitch.

    Google being an engineering centric corporation, still had this type of obvious bugs, it is pretty amazing to me.

    Another bug I pointed out earlier was the Google cache command not working, I posted on my site here:


    It is working now, but didn’t work couple days ago.

  • http://www.hostgator-info.com russblanc

    I noticed this yesterday. I was a little scared for a bit

  • http://www.blogonlinemarketing.com tahirekhan

    I had the same issue with my site, i think. I keep resubmitting my xml sitemap in my webmaster account but Google wont accept it. The sitemap is created by a really popular sitemap plugin.