• whible

    When I saw this article in the first raw in daily search news, I was quite surprised.
    Maybe It’s because I am Korean who is very into the area. I haven’t seen many articles about Korea,one of biggest internet world. So,I am exited and that’s why I decided to leave my comment for the first time.
    About the article above, I would call the company Overture korea instead of Yahoo korea.
    Yahoo is the parent company of overture, but it’s not exatly same. Specially in korea
    overture used to contract with amost all search engine(I don’t know how it worked out). It has a cool feature that you simply pay for overture but you can see your ad through almost all portal sites whom overture contract. When the title came to me first, I thought they would do some services together. But they’re not.
    I don’t really like that kinds of headlines which try to draw people’s attention.-_-;

    Anyway, I’d like to finish to tell you keep watching korean’s movement. Koreans are fast doers, I was told Korean potals thrive on introducing new features with web 2.0.
    I hope I could join some of them ^-^.

    Onion!!(hi&bye in korean, sound like this for forigners ^-^;;;)